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The ACCU’s patent-pending approach is a conduit of improved efficiency and profitability for Commercial Banks as it presents you with the ability to meet your Commercial Credit Underwriting demands in a more exact manner for an increased volume of loans in a shorter amount of time with less effort and greater oversight translating into reduced commercial loan turnaround times with a decreased underwriting cost per commercial loan.

The ACCU allows for greater efficiency and ease of use in completing your Credit Analysis. The automations included in the ACCU result in a 20% increase in efficiency for your Commercial Credit Underwriting process. This saves each Analyst an average of 1 day per work week.

The application is built on Microsoft WPF and deployed on Microsoft Azure having been developed by Gold Certified Microsoft Partners. The ACCU’s Security is controlled by your IT staff behind your firewalls. This allows you to use the software in accordance with your security protocols.

The base model comes with the following enhancements:
    • Automated Tax Return Data Extraction – For PDF 1040 Personal Tax Returns, 1041 Estate / Trust Tax Returns and all Company Tax Returns (1065, 1120 and 1120S)

Optional module enhancements include:
    • Automated Credit Report Data Extraction – For Personal Credit Reports
    • Automated Non-Profit Tax Return Data Extraction – For PDF 990 Non-Profit Tax Returns

Our service model is based on catering to the Commercial Credit Underwriting processes of our customers through customization. Each form contained within the ACCU can be fully customized to achieve your desired underwriting result. The features of the ACCU are more expansive than that which is included here on this public website. The ACCU maintains proprietary secrets, which place its utility far above that of the competition. Since we aim to protect our trade secrets, the details of which are not included here (as they can only be disseminated in connection with a scheduled presentation). Our presentations introduce our software as a solution to streamline your Commercial Credit Underwriting process for better performance with extended capabilities. Please contact us for additional information or to setup a presentation.

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Report Analysis

Global Financial Analyses based on personal, estate/trust and/or company/organization financial information for borrowers and guarantors. That numeric portion contains the following possible analyses:

  • Cash Flow Analysis - Business Real Estate

  • Cash Flow Analysis - Non-Profit Financial Activities

  • Cash Flow Analysis - Construction

  • Balance Sheet Analysis

  • Balance Sheet Analysis - Non-Profit

  • Financial Ratio Analysis


  • Accounts Receivable Analysis

  • Personal Financial Statement Analysis

  • Personal Credit Report Analysis

  • Cash Flow Analysis - Personal Income

  • Cash Flow Analysis - Estate / Trust Income

  • Cash Flow Analysis - Global


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